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21-Apr-2019 20:35

I didn’t know why I was angry all the time, I just was.

Now I’m a lot happier in my life and things are a lot easier to deal with.

They just need a little direction on how to access that power inside themselves to reset their emotions.

None of us are immune to stress, but we can choose how we process the stress that is happening around us.” Case in Point “All these years we’ve been saying similar things but couldn’t hear each other because of the negative emotions we carried around with us.

This deceptively simple technique will help you adjust your heart rhythm patterns into coherence.

Quick Coherence Technique: Varlinsky says, “One of the things I suggest to the couples I work with is to use em Wave Personal Stress Reliever (PSR) whenever they feel stressed.

This heart-focused approach helps couples to deal more effectively with the increased stress of today and revitalize their heart connection.

Better Communication Comes from the Heart Research conducted by Heart Math has shown that negative or stressful emotions lead to chaos in the heart’s rhythms, which has a harmful effect on the rest of the body.

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Because they’re in a coherent state, they’re much more successful at working through the issues that arise.” Dr.In times like these, when so many people are experiencing such high levels of stress, fear and anxiety, our relationships inevitably suffer, and in some cases, fall apart completely.